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The Underground
For over 20 years we have been THE performance underground in New York City. Perfectly anchored in the living room of a home; reflecting what we are- a home where artists can be share their craft & creations in a safe & supportive environment.

The Vault Mission Statement
The Vault Vision exists to do our small part to create a world where art is shared freely. We believe that every artist deserves respect and a fair opportunity to share their creations. We also believe in having as much fun as possible.

The Vault is a not-for-profit production of the Hope for the Children Foundation; committed to being a continually open, supportive tribe, empowering young and emerging artists of all disciplines, at all levels to develop and share their talents through performance, collaboration & networking.

Founded & directed
by Tone Bellizzi

Phone: 718-479-2594
Facebook group: the Vault

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The Vault is a home welcoming all:



-Performance Artists


-Spoken Word Artists






The Cinematic Masters Documentary  Film “The Vault” by Italian Director Carlo Mignano chronicles our thriving underground performance scene in New York City; providing outlets for creative expression at the grassroots level.

DVDs are available ($10.00)