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Performance Underground

Personal Showcases

Most Vault shows are produced by individual
artists. For mor info contact Tone (

Open Mics

Open mics, for all performers have been held
regularly by
Jason Levinson & Jim Frazzitta


The Vault performance space and angel garden are
available for creativity & arts related workshops.


The Vault has held countless
benefit performance parties to
help those in need. The annual
“Vaultstock” events benefit the
Hope For The Children Foundation.

Theme Shows

We have hosted many theme shows over the
years and open to more including:

  • Women’s Voices
  • Storytelling Night
  • Soul Night
  • Spirit Night
  • Christian Coffeehouse
  • Beams of Love
  • Dangerous Visions
  • Dead & Living Poets Society
  • Chaos Club – Teen Nights
  • Published Authors Night

Vault Away From Home

The vault is not limited to our current
home at the Hope Center at 90-21 Springfield.
Most vault artists are open to performing anywhere
at any time – Theaters, Coffee Houses, College
Campuses, etc.

Let us know of any possible Vault-On-The-Road
opportunities by emailing us at

The Future

Serving and benefitting the artist & the
arts is our only interest, so our
performance menu is continually
expanding. As artists develop and new
needs, ideas & forms of empowerment &
expression arise, our program will continue
to evolve.

All vault artists are
encouraged to be bold about inviting
others into the mix and to continue to
provide feedback and take initiative.